Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sweet (or savory) Dreams

Today, I had three projects due, THREE!! ok one got canceled, but lets just say I have been really overwhelmed. Also I am frustrated, because when I am stressed all I want to do is cook. I'll sit in class and scour the food blogs for delicious, seasonal, and mouth-watering recipes and yet I have no time to cook them. So, today I am going to post five recipes that eventually I will cook.

1. Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Apple Cider Sauce

2. Sesame Shrimp

3. Veggie & Quinoa Pot Pie

4. Blueberry Breakfast Buckle

5. Butternut Squash Soup

Any recipes or food you have been dreaming about lately???


  1. Cheers to great recipes~ I'm sure your kitchen smells wonderful!
    ps: smile to cute snoopy!

  2. Great apple bars! They were a huge hit with our dinner guests! xo

  3. Yummy. I just started a ten day cleanse after the gluttony of my right about now ALL of those sound amazing!

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  5. Apple Bars: Delicious recipe! We used Granny Smiths. My granddaughter, (very talented!)made them for a dinner party... Everyone loved them.

  6. Sweet potato fries (only laid out flat and baked) at 400 degrees...flavored with olive oil and kept refrigerated since early in the weekend. Then added ground cumin and New Mexico chile powder with a pinch of salt to about half and cayenne with salt to the other half... Loved them again tonight, along with tofurky sausage stir fry. Nice meal. Very quick. The house still smells warm and friendly. Yum.